Juan Manuel Rozas,  born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
self-taught artist, Miami-based since the mid 1990’s.
Embarked on a lifelong journey of artistic exploration and
development, His passion for the arts led him to study various artistic disciplines,
refining his skills and nurturing his  creative voice.
Rozas's most recent notable contributions include his collaboration, with Game Seven,
a subsidiary of Meta, where his studio, “Rozas Studio”, had the opportunity to paint
@ninachanel's art on the Wynwood tower at Oasis Wynwood. This meta contribution
showcased Rozas's ability to translate any vision onto large-scale surfaces, creating a
visually captivating mural that adornes the Wynwood neighborhood, a thriving hub for
art and culture.
In addition to his work at Oasis Wynwood, Rozas, a skilled muralist, has collaborated on
mural projects for Amli Midtown and Plantation. His collaborations allowed him to
employ his artistic versatility, adapting his style to meet the specific requirements of each
project. His murals can be seen in various prominent locations across Miami, showcasing his
ability to transform public spaces into captivating works of art.
He has participated in shows for HGTV and A&E. His collaboration with A&E took him to Mexico 
City, where he created a four-story mural for "The International Down Syndrome Day." This project 
not only showcased Rozas's artistic skill but also demonstrated his willingness to use art as a means 
to raise awareness.Rozas also, has collaborated on projects for esteemed businesses and 
His artistic contributions include collaborations with the "W" Hotel, Meta, A&E, and HGTV, where he seamlessly integrated his unique style and artistic vision into various projects. Rozas's artistic touch has also graced successful local businesses, such as Bodega Taqueria & Tequila (Menin), KIKI on the River, El Santo, Gramercy (Roman Jones, Mark Lehmkuhl), Coyo Taco (305 concepts), 1800-Lucky,Oasis Wynwood, Wynwood Jungle, Ray ban wynwood, Brick , Burtons  Grill & Bar Plantation and Boca Locations and many more. Through his collaborations, Rozas has enhanced the visual appeal and atmosphere of these establishments, infusing them with his distinctive artistic flair.
Furthermore, Rozas's collaboration with Urban Robot, a prominent design and architecture firm, Together, they have created visually stunning and innovative touches to spaces that serve as a testament to their shared creative visions. The B100M & shade at 100 Biscane are an example.
In his canvas works, Rozas explores various styles and themes, often transitioning between
abstract works and portraiture. He has been delving for while now, into a locally inspired theme 
called "Pop Botanica." He focuses on capturing the vibrant flora that surrounds South Florida,
 translating it onto canvas.Employing rough outlines and street art-inspired techniques, Rozas
 constantly seeks to push the boundaries of his artistic expression, inviting viewers to reflect on their 
connection to nature and its significance in our lives.
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